Marketing Basics for Financial Advisers

Updated: Jul 12, 2021

Before you begin any marketing campaigns there are certain things you need to get sorted out. If you overlook these then you're not going to get the best return on investment from whatever marketing you do.

Unless you have a clear idea of what your marketing goals are, plus a way to accurately measure the success of your campaigns, your marketing efforts are doomed to fail.

Pick a few marketing ideas from this list (not so many that you risk getting overwhelmed) and decide how and when you will implement them, what sort of marketing budget you need for each one, and what results you expect to get.

At the very least you should set targets for your results in terms of the number of new clients generated and the cost per acquisition - i.e. how much it costs to get each new client on board.

Review your progress regularly against the plan and your objectives and don't be afraid to ditch a particular marketing strategy if you reach the point where it clearly isn't working.

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