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Instead of cancelling your events, let New Opus help you go Virtual...

It's hard to deny that coronavirus is having a serious impact on the world and live events. Rather than cancelling your events altogether, save time and enjoy the flexibility of a fully integrated virtual event platform. New Opus can power your virtual events and continue to help attendees to connect better.

Let us show you how to:

🖥️   Streamline business workflows through the power of a single platform: one log-in, one support and training team. All of the tools you need to effectively plan your virtual event from start to finish.

📹   Create amazing virtual experiences for any event with features including live & on-demand streaming and community moderation.

📊   Capture and integrate virtual attendee data with a comprehensive view of the value your events generate — and the means to directly impact the outcomes.

🔒   Experience the high level of security and privacy necessary in delivering virtual experiences. Our suite of products and services are protected by powerful built-in security technologies that help detect and block threats from ever reaching you.

⚡   Maximize your event investment by reducing costs on logistics, technology, venue and headcount expenditures; allowing you to put your resources where they matter most.

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